Airside Liability

If you own an airside business in the UK, then it’s important to take an Airside Liability Insurance cover to protect yourself or property from damage or any other risk factors.

We are a reputable UK-based insurance provider working with clients to provide affordable coverage for 3rd party motor vehicle, bodily injury, 3rd party general public and property damage.

Reasons why you should choose us:

i) Though our main market is in the UK, our aviation liability cover isn’t restricted to this region only but also includes other airport authorities in foreign countries, so long as your business is registered in the United Kingdom. However, the liability excludes operations in the US and Canada, though we can still provide custom policies to cover these jurisdictions at your request.

ii) We are fully-insured by a leading global insurance company and moderated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

iii) We have flexible payment plans to cover all types of businesses, whether small or large-scale. You can choose the cover limit you require for your company from as little as £1,000,000 to £100,000,000, plus we also offer 24hr and annual renewal policies depending on the risk factor of your business.

iv) Our terminal liability cover allows your business to be complaint with requirements of many airport operators, oftentimes those who don’t have a comprehensive cover may have their businesses declined from operating around the airport premises. Some aviation administrators are also requesting companies to purchase higher cover limits than before for maximum safety.

By buying our insurance cover, you’ll be able to conduct your trade airside and also protect your company from unforeseen circumstances that may affect operations such as fire, injury or theft.

Liability packages on offer:

i) Bodily injury cover
This policy can protect you financially in case an accident occurs that causes physical injury to other people around the airport. Whether it’s some minor bumps, bruises or even serious injuries, we shall carry the burden of meeting the costs associated with those injuries.

We can pay for medical expenses, long-term nursing care and even pain and suffering caused by bodily injury, though this amount may have to be determined by the court to address the extent of emotional or physical stress the victim may have suffered.

ii) Vehicle damage cover
It protects your company vehicles from accidents that may occur in the daily course of business. The coverage includes both damage to the vehicle itself, and 3rd party bodily-injury of victims involved in the accident.

We provide either limit per person or limit per accident cover depending on the package you have chosen. The first option includes the maximum amount we pay out for bodily harm to an individual involved in the car accident, whereas the second option is the total amount we provide for multiple persons hurt in the vehicle accident.

iii) Property damage liability
This cover protects your airport landside business from the costs of damage to property caused by fire, theft and other calamities that can cause damage or loss to your property/goods. The kind of items your airside liability insurance shall cover will depend on the amount you want to spend, as well as the details of your policy.

In conclusion, we provide affordable liability covers for businesses operating around airport precincts in order to protect them from unforeseen risks. Contact us today to learn more about our insurance packages.

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