We provide aviation insurance broking and advisory services to brokers across the UK. We liaise with our aerospace underwriters for operations to ensure that an optimal solution is provided to smaller airfield and maintenance organisations. We offer:

  • Swift provision of insurance documentation
  • Comprehensive policies placed with leading insurance markets including associated coverages when required
  • Optional methods of payments

Key Commercial Aviation Insurance Coverages to consider:

  • Private owners
  • Corporate aircraft operators
  • Charter / air taxi aircraft operators
  • Helicopter operators

Cover considerations for the above include:

  • Hull All Risks – The operator is protected against risk of physical loss or damage to their aircraft while on the ground and while it is in flight.
  • Aircraft Liability – Bodily injury or property damage which is caused by an occurrence and arises out of the operation or use of the operators aircraft.
  • Hull War Risks – This affords cover against acts of war and malicious damage that are typically excluded in an ‘all risks’ programme.
  • Premises, Products and Hangarkeepers’ Liability – This cover is designed for operations with responsibility for maintenance and storage of third party aircraft. This can include refuelling exposures if required.

Minimum premium for the above is £5,000 or currency equivalent.

If you require any further information on this product or have any other London Market business queries to discuss, then please contact the London Market team or if you wish to submit your presentations via email then please send them to: londonmarkets@apcuw.com