In a global industry that is constantly evolving, life science companies face a number of unique liability exposures, the process of risk identification for these companies can be a great determinant to their business reputation and financial success, for this reason companies in this field such as, pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies require tailor-made insurance solutions.

APC London Market can offer cover throughout each critical phase of a life science company’s progression, from research and development through clinical trials and product development and into product sales and professional services.

Some of the Life Science sections that we offer tailored solutions to include:

  • Companies conducting clinical trials
  • Biotechnology companies
  • Contract manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical manufacture and distribution
  • Medical product and equipment manufacture and distribution

Our Life Science Insurance products are delivered by a team of technical experts with specialists’ claims knowledge and underwriting. They are conversant with requirements of regulatory authorities and local legislation around the world.

The risk management solutions that APC London Market offers address specific industry requirements including risk evaluation by the Life Sciences sector, contract language, and market trends and pricing. We have access to premium insurance policies and will, therefore, offer you the widest coverage for your company. Some of the covers we offer include:

  • Bio-Agricultural Products
  • Contract Manufacturing Organisations (CMO)
  • Contract Research Organisations (CRO)
  • All Phases of Clinical Trials
  • Import, Wholesale and Distribution
  • Bio-Agricultural Products
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Manufacturers
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Product Liability
  • Medical Devices
  • Biotech and Drug Discovery
  • Research and Development

Scope of Service

Clinical Trial Insurance

There is an increased complexity that has been added to the clinical trial process, thanks to the increased difficulty in patient recruitment, rising costs, and increased regulatory requirements. More companies today are conducting clinical trials in countries where the company is not located, and this creates newer levels of risk management issues.

To adapt to these variables, London Markets provides a range of products and services that are best suited for Life Science companies that undertake global clinical trial programs. We will help minimise the vulnerability to litigation by benchmarking certain practices that may expose the company. Since we have a competitive global network, we are able to issue timely certificates and place locally admitted policies to minimises costly trial delays and facilitate trial approvals. Our coverage includes:

  • Professional Liability coverage and Products-Completed Operations, where required.
  • Medical Expense
  • Clinical Trials Liability


  • Worldwide coverage, with locally adopted policies.
  • A global network of partners and affiliates that increase our pool of resources.
  • Specialised knowledge of clinical trial and underwriting experience.
  • Fast issuance of a clinical trial certificate of insurance.

Public and Products Liability

Public liability products range from coverage of damage or loss to property, injury, and claims cost and expenses made by the public. Claims often relate to activities or incidences connected to your business, for instance, a mistake that made by your employees.

Life Science companies need a public and products liability insurance because they have a high likelihood of their company coming into contact with members of the public or clients and as such risk a claim. When your company has a liability cover, your business is protected from potential malevolence.

Products Highlight

At APC London Markets, we have a unit that is exclusively focused on insurance protection for companies in the life sciences industry. Our unit is continuously innovating refined insurance solutions and breaking through traditional boundaries to keep up with the growing requirements of the industry.

Our products are specially tailored for life sciences companies with products focused on human clinical trials and products liability, errors and omissions and general liability.

Errors and Omissions Insurance

This product covers businesses for lawsuits that claim a financial loss because a service or product has failed to perform to the indicated specifications. It can be tailor-made to cover the need to stop using a product because of suspected property damage and bodily injury.

There are two main policies for Manufacturers Errors & Omissions:

Product Physical Injury Coverage
This helps in covering the cost of any damages that result in physical or accidental damage to the product that is covered.

Business Injury Coverage
This protects the insured product in the event that it fails to meet the specified levels of durability, fitness, performance, and quality. It also covers failure of the product to operate or work as represented.

This coverage is available for companies dealing with:

Contract Manufacturing
Companies that provide labelling, packaging and manufacturing services to medical device and pharmaceutical companies for a fee are good candidates for this product.

Pharmaceutical Companies
We provide insurance coverage for companies manufacturing supplements and over-the-counter medication. Companies also dealing with manufacture of veterinary products can also be considered depending on the circumstances.

Contract Research
Companies that offer support services to drug discovery, medical device and pharmaceutical companies also require insurance protection. Services offered by these companies include development reviews, product design, clinical work that include human clinical trials, laboratory work, and contract design.

Drug Discovery Companies
Companies that are developing new therapies based o proteomics, genomics, like biotech 4&D companies are good candidates for public and products liability coverage. Also in this category are companies that are studying new diseases at a molecular level.

Medical Device Companies
We offer tailor-made coverage for manufacturers of laboratory equipment and medical devices in the research and development of new medical devices and drugs.

Employers Liability Coverage
Life sciences companies and their managers also face some liability risks. This cover, therefore, deals with:

Crime Coverage
This is protection against loss from computer fraud, employee theft, and other crimes of a similar nature.

Directors, Officers and Entity Liability Cover
This protects the company and the management team from any loses in the course of their management operations.

Fiduciary Coverage
This covers any claims made by employees in relation to employee benefit plans, health, company-sponsored retirement and design and administration.

Employment Practices Liability Coverage (EPL)
This is protection for any employment-related disputes which include discipline and wrongful termination, refusal to hire, sexual harassment, and any alleged discrimination.

Representation and Warranties Coverage (4&W)
This insurance protects against risks of common merger and acquisition (M&A).

Why Does Your Life Sciences Firm Need Insurance?

Businesses in the Life Sciences industry face unique risks. Whether your company deals with chemical synthesis cosmetics or biotechnology, the equipment that you use are delicate and expensive if you have sensitive biological media it could also cause damage or harm to other people.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you and your employees, are safe from any biological materials that you engage in your trade. There is a wide range of areas or departments that you may need insurance coverage for, and this is why it’s important to evaluate your business needs before seeking appropriate coverage products.